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Cooking Up Music

The Singing Chefs


It seems like Soul food and Soul music just go together.

Connell Moss

The Singing Chef

When Connell Moss left Norfolk for Hollywood, he only had 300 bucks and a dream. This Indian River High School graduate had attended Norfolk State on an opera scholarship, but R&B was in his past, present, and future. He was a popular performer with many local groups, in California however, he was alone.

His gift for singing soon got him a series of record deals, including one with the legendary Dick Griffey at SOLAR Records. Moss’ talents had him in high demand as a first call vocalist in Los Angeles studios. He was the featured vocalist on the Jazz group, Kilauea, “Spring Break” CD. He performed the theme song “Because I Love Her,“ for the movie, “Swan Princess III,“ and has added his vocal talents to a number of other recordings and performances.

Connell Moss was also signed to Windswept publishing as a songwriter, and has written songs recorded by groups like The Whispers and Lighter Shade of Brown. Connell got to work with a number of legendary songwriters, including the recently departed, Ron Miller, who wrote award winning classics such as, "For Once In My Life," and "If I Could." The Whispers, "Christmas Moments," CD also features songs written by Connell.

Moss currently owns and operates a successful restaurant in North Hollywood, MP'S Soulfood Eatery (formerly Miss Peaches), featuring Southern Cuisine, which caters movies, TV shows, and other events. He is known to his many celebrity clientele as “The Singing Chef,” and he still performs. Connell's brother, Ron, a director, part time actor, and former stuntman is formulating a TV show for the Food Network, based on Connell Moss as a singing chef.



Connell Moss singing "One Love," for the Jazz group, Kiluea.

Connell performing theme song from "Swan Princess III"


Moss penned "Make Sweet Love to Me"  for The Whispers


Al Glover

Al Glover

A young man growing up in the Prentis Park section of Portsmouth, Virginia during the 60s faced the multiple possibilities of potential troubles constantly swirling about.  But Alphonso Glover turned his focus to music as an escape.  Part of the reason may have been his neighbor, Ruth Brown and her influence.  Part of it may have been the Fourth Baptist Church, where he sang in the choir with another recording artist from the area, Elsie Strong.  Part of it may have been listening to radio personalities like Daddy Jack Holmes, playing music by Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Billy Eckstine, or maybe it was just in Al’s soul to do.

Eventually Glover found his way over to Norfolk and Church Street where Shiptown Records resided.  He found himself under the guidance of Ida Sands who mentored him and guided him on how to perform and project a stage presence.  Fresh out of Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth, graduating in 1968, Al was opening for Sands for the next three years before becoming a lead vocalist for the band Leroy & the Fabulous Rocking Soul Band where he began to perform and open up for great acts like The Stylistics, Joe Simon, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, and others.

Now it was 1972 and Glover was writing too, penning the silky ballad, “Til the End of Time,” which was recorded at Studio Center, Norfolk, VA on Mr. G" Gregory Records label as Al Glover & Gloria.  Al  made his TV debut the following year, on a show which featured local stars on a PBS television program.

In 1973, Al Glover teamed with Michael Watson and Walter Griffin to form the group, Grapevine.  They recorded the song, “Try It Again.”

But as time, circumstances, and opportunities changed, Al Glover migrated to Detroit.  By 1984, Motown was just a shadow of itself.  Still, Glover managed to find work as a session vocalist for a number of acts which remained; like JJ Barnes, and Ronnie McNair (who later became a member of The Four Tops). 

After trying his hand at performing at a number of local Jazz clubs in the area, Glover decided to enroll into culinary school, eventually becoming a certified chef.  Currently he is an executive concept chef with the only African-American owned, 5 star restaurant group in Michigan over the past 10 years, where he still manages to mingle with music legends and entertain them by preparing sumptuous delights for the palates of artists like Aretha Franklin, Martha Reeves, and Queen Latifah.  Some of the other celebrities who have dined on his creative cuisine are Jesse Jackson, Sonya Sanchez, Johnnie Cochran, and Tavis Smiley.

Chef Alphonso Glover

Chef Glover & guests

But the music is still in his soul, so Al Glover is back in the studio, writing and working on new material and planning a triumphant return to the Hampton Roads area.


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