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Radio Roll Call

Frank Halison, III


Frank Halison, III

VMSoul regrets to announce the passing of a legend and friend, Frank J. Halison, III, aka The Master Storyteller, aka King Hot Dog.

Frank passed away August 10, 2016 following a battle with cancer. 

Frank Halison III
December 16, 1941 - August 10, 2016

Guest Book

Frank "The Master Storyteller" Halison III

Frank "The Master Storyteller" Halison III


Frank "The Master Storyteller" Halison III

A Life Celebration Service will be held at Palm Gardens, 5927 East Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, on Saturday September 3, 2016 at 12 noon.
Quality Services provided by E. Vaughn Wray Funeral Establishment

E. Vaughn Wray Funeral Establishment
5873 Poplar Hall Drive Norfolk, Virginia 23502
(757) 327-4400.


He went by many names. His real name was Frank J. Halison, III. More people knew him by the personas he created for his radio shows, probably his most lasting name was The Master Storyteller. He was a ratings bonanza for various stations he worked because he had personality and creativity.

One of his best creations was “The train.” Every day, at a certain time, people would tune in for half an hour to an hour, where Frank would play the same song over and over while he spontaneously conducted a tour of various cities in the area, picking up passengers by name. It was a brilliant marketing plan.

He would pick up passengers for various reasons, some of them having special stories, some as special favors, some as regular friends who were frequent riders. I was in the latter category. Frank would also pick up the people at the local jail, the prostitutes on the corners, the homeless, as well as dignitaries and local celebrities. People would be excited to take a ride on that imaginary train. People would even pay to be picked up on that imaginary train.

The Master Storyteller (who was once listed in the phonebook incognito as M.S. Teller) would do the train off the top of his head and weave stories, advice, and inspirational messages into the journey. He always ended his show with a nod to his father, “Big Frank from Louisville, who never cooked a pot of bad gumbo and some folk said he never will.” There was a shout out to his mother, “Good-night Miss Bessie B. wherever you may be,” along with the obligatory, “Fly on mighty sparrow, fly on.”

Sometimes there was even a story, like the one about the little dog walking along the railroad track when a train came along and knocked off a little piece of his tail. The dog turned around to get it and another train came along and knocked off the dog’s head. The moral of the story is—Don’t lose your head over a little piece of tail. Now that’s another story!

Would love to ride that train one more time. So, here is the train riding song—a tribute to The Master, Frank Halison, who took his final ride August 10, 2016.

How many times do you think he would play this over and over while "The Train is on."

Friends of Frank HalisonFriends of the Master

A few friends of Frank Halison paying their respects to him at the viewing and remembering old times.

They were the DJ’s who delivered the music we loved, but more than that, they were the “personality jocks” who kept us up on the latest happenings.  Starting with the legendary “Daddy” Jack Holmes, these were the velvety voices which issued us the time, the weather, the hot news of the day, the latest gossip, and all the tidbits of info which touched our meager lives and made us feel better.

We are searching for names, pictures, and stories about the Personality Jocks who touched your lives from stations like WRAP, WHIH, & WPCE.

Names like:

  • “Daddy” Jack Holmes
  • Dick Lamb
  • Bob King
  • Dave Riddick
  • Oliver Allen
  • Bill Curtis
  • Bill Boykins
  • Frank “The Master Storyteller--King Hotdog” Halison
  • Chester “B” Benton
  • Frankie “Soul Ranger” Stewart
  • Milton Bowie
  • Maurice Ward
  • Chuck King
  • Frank James “The Master Mixer”
  • Calvin Cooke
  • HJ Ellison
  • Steve Crumbley
  • Calvin "Shakespeare" Perkins
  • Columbus Kellam
  • Chuck Meads
  • Heidi Stevens
  • Ron W. Harris aka Ron Anthony
  • Lonnie Perry
  • Rev. James Washington
  • Frenchie B
  • Steve Percell
  • "Downtown" Tony Brown
  • Joyce Ingram
  • Robert “Bobby Jay” Jackson
  • Scotty Andrews 
  • JJ Carmichael
  • Mad Ladd Goins - Site
  • Mary Frazier
  • Mickey Arnold
  • Jay Dee Jackson
  • Jimmy Williams
  • Rashad Vance "The World's Ugliest DJ"
  • Frenchie B
  • Sip Collins
  • Paris "From France" Eley
  • KC
  • Phil Beckman
  • Leonard "Mr. Cool" Ware
  • Barry Mayo
  • Tommy Lytel
  • Jim Lawrence
  • Tyrone Cuffee
  • Leonard Ware
  • Milton Buie
  • Jimmy Boone
  • Scotty Andrews
  • Sip Collins
  • Lankford Stevens
  • Del Murray
  • Carlatta Bryce
  • Harvey Johnson III
  • Starr Meritt
  • Jeff Starr
  • Chuck King
  • Bob Jackson
  • Johnny "Q"
  • Frank Wilson
  • Rev. Dave Riddick
  • Tony Washington
  • Bob King
  • James Harding
  • Oliver Allen
  • Gene Loving
  • Nick Carr
  • Rick Foy
  • Frank Wilson Sr.
  • Red Williams
  • Donald L. Eason
  • Frank James
  • Steve Jones
  • JD Jackson
  • Robert Ambrose
  • Jackie Bowe
  • Dew Mac
  • Chuck King
  • Mr. Cool
  • MB "The Music Man"
  • Alvin Reeves
  • Chuck Woodson
  • Jay Lang
  • Alvin Reaves
  • Dale Parsons
  • Neal Steele
  • Larry O'Brien
  • Bob Calvert
  • George Crawford
  • John Garry
  • Roger Clark
  • Chuck Adams
  • Jim Lawrence
  • Dave Cummins
  • Ron James
  • Scott Christenson
  • Tom Scott
  • Larry "LeKool" Hollowell
  • Martin Culpepper
  • Eric B
  • DJ Franklin S
  • Dee Shannon aka Demetra J

And don't forget:
  • Ann Ransom
  • Heidi Stevens
  • Janet Hightower
  • Chuck Meads
  • Don Roberts
  • Monica Lewis
  • Fern Wharton
  • Dr. Lydia Patton (Pause for the Cause)

Please submit any info or pictures you may have for us to post on Virginia's Music Soul.

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Back in the day when vinyl was king and radio ruled the air, there was a little station in Norfolk, Virginia which had legendary personality jocks, like Daddy Jack Holmes. This small AM station was innovative and captivating, with dedicated listeners tuning and making these jocks a part of their daily lives. They played not only the national hits, but also records from the vast pool of talent that was emerging from the Tidewater/Peninsula area, an area rich in Soul and R&B. The station was 850 WRAP and later changed to 1350 on the dial.

There was no computerized programming back then, with each DJ spinning their own selections and their persoanlites being as much a draw as the platters on the turntables. You had Frankie "Soul Ranger" Stewart, Chester "B" Benton, Milton "Funk Master" Bowie, Maurice "The East Coast Rapper" Ward, HJ "The Real J" Ellison, Robert "Bobby Jay" Jackson, JJ Carmichael, and the incomparable, Frank "The Master Storyteller--King Hotdog" Halison.

Over the years, FM took over, along with computerized play lists and test audiences, so the innovative, creative, soulful AM stations faded away, changing to Talk radio, Gospel, or other formats.

850 WRAP

Master Story TellerFrank Halison
            THE MASTER STORYTELLER        "King Hot Dog"              Frank Halison

Bobby JayMr. & Mrs. Jackson's bouncing baby boy

Chester Benton  Mary Frazier
          CHESTER "B" BENTON                              Mary Frazier

Frenchie B  Barry Mayo
         Frenchie B                                                    Barry Mayo     

Jay Lang  Paris Eley
                    Jay Lang                        Paris Eley

Calvin Cooke

Calvin Cooke.

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Bill Boykins


VMSoul mourns the death of the 
"Godfather of Gospel"
William Boykins.

Bill Boykins

Mr. Boykins passed away Jun 19, 2014.  Mr. Boykins was a long standing force in the Hampton Roads music industry as a promoter, radio personality, and more.

Jay Dee Jackson

Shout out to the great Jay Dee Jackson who got his first break in radio at WPCE with Frank "Hot Dog" Halison, then later at WRAP with Chester B.

Jay Dee jackson

Calvin Shakespeare Perkins

Can you recall rushing home to move those rabbit ears around on that old TV, so you could pick up WHRO TV's broadcast of "The Gig" hosted by Calvin "Shakespere" Perkins?  Calvin also was a hot, personality jock on radio station WHIH.

"The Gig" featured students from the area's schools doing the latest dance steps on the air to the hot music of the day.  "Shakespere" was like the Pied Piper of local talent, leading them on to the promised land and exposing them to new heights.  He now goes by the moniker, Calvin Van P, and he is CEO of Buy Hot New Music.com., in Woodlawn, CA.

Calvin Perkins

All you GET DOWN DANCERS from Carver, Crestwood, Norcom, Booker T., Phenix, Huntington, Union Kempsville, East Suffolk, and others...roll call!!

Ron Anthony

Ron Harris

He brought the Quiet Storm to the area, a format which is now all over the world.

  Ken White & Ron Anthony 
Ron "Gemini" Anthony

Kirby Carmichael

Kirby Carmichael
Kirby Carmichael

Kirby with the Chi-Lites
Kirby *& The Chi-Lites

Kirby's MySpace

Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams aka Gary Maxwell


Jimmy Williams & Michael Jackson

Jimmy Williams & Michael jackson

Michael Jackson, Valerie Hamlin, Jimmy Williams
Backstage at the Hampton Coliseum, 1979


Edward H.




HIGH.....CLASS OF 1982

Valarie B.

calvin cooke is a real rags to fame kind of thing coming out of the
washington park projects  in 70s and cutting his radio teeth on
portsmouth va's  wpce 1400 am and then on to the number 1# r&b 
station at the time While still paying his dos calvin cooke hooked up
with  Soul Ranger / Master Storie Teller/ J.D Jackson & none othen
Chester Benton / H.J Ellison/ and Daddy Jack   Hommes. with a
supporting cast like this its no wonder they  ruled the air way of
Hampton roads 4 years , These Guys were radio super stars. todayu
calvin is a Voice Over Artist  base out of his philadelphia studios and
has owns his on radio production company  many people over the years
have heard his voice all a round the country and never new. who it was
from NY to the LA basin This cats voice work is all over the place.
please do not for him.

Zeke Zanders

VMSoul mourns the death of 

Jerry "Zeke" Zanders

Zeke worked at WHUR, Al & The Kidd, Atlantic Records, MCA Records, and more.

Cards and other expressions of sympathy can be sent to his daughter, Star Downing, 419 Randolph Street NW, Washington DC 20011. If you are financially able, Star can really use some donations. You can also call Ms Waller at Rhines Funeral Home directly and charge your donation to a credit card, 202-529-4300.

DJ Law

VMSoul mourns the loss of
Lawrence “Kool DJ Law” Brown,

103 Jamz morning radio personality dies at 40

Full Article

Lawrence Brown

photo courtesy of 103Jamz.com


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